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How do my cast members update their conflicts?

Cast members can update their conflict calendar at any time, but as the director you have the power to moderate what conflicts to approve or reject.

When a cast member updates their conflict calendar, they need to inform a show manager.

To review and approve conflict changes, a show manager can go to the Auditionee Dashboard, click on the performer to open their audition form and scroll down to compare the performer's submitted conflicts v. profile conflicts. Use the Save & Sync Conflicts button to approve their updated (profile) conflicts.

If you want to reject late conflicts, you don't need to do anything extra. Why? Because the audition form only captures a snapshot of their conflict calendar when they sign up. If they add or remove conflicts after that, they must notify you (the director) so that you can make the choice on a case-by-case basis!

If you choose to accept late conflicts, make sure actors know to tell you when they make any changes. Then go to the Auditionee Dashboard, open the performer's audition form, and click Save & Sync Conflicts at the bottom of their Q&A. That'll pull a fresh copy of their conflicts into the form so that the Schedule Maker recognizes them.

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