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Ways To Offset The Cost Of Online Theatre Software

Cast98 requires a subscription, and we know that for most small performance companies, local dance studios, community theatres, a budget for such fancy things is usually non-existent. We get it, and so we want to offer some ideas for how to offset the cost of using Cast98.

Enable Audition Insights

Audition Insights is what we call the observations directors make while watching auditionees perform. In Cast98, directors can save their notes for every individual audition and these insights are kept private, inaccessible to performers.

We are excited to offer (coming soon) an optional feature that studios can turn on, giving performers pay-per-view access to their private audition insights, and we share the revenue with the studio! It's a pretty neat feature we're excited about, and you can read all about Audition Insights and how they work.

Complete Cast98 Surveys

Periodically we release a survey to all of our members asking how you're using Cast98 and what you like/don't like about our products. Every survey is very short, easy to finish in one sitting, and has some reward attached to it. Most of the time, the reward will be a discount on your next bill. What could be easier?!

Charge A Performance Fee

Many performance groups already charge a participation fee. An extra $1 per person won't change anyone's mind about being in a show, as the sacrifice is less than the cost of coffee. It would probably cover your monthly Cast98 expense, too.

If you're a non-profit organization serving inner-city, impoverished, low income, or other underserved populations, don't do this. In fact, if you fall into one of those categories please contact us and let's work together to find a payment solution that's right for you.

Charge An Audition Fee

Picture it: "$1 to audition, and help yourself to our free coffee and donuts!" Since more people probably pass through your auditions than you can cast in your show, this is a technique that can even become profitable for you! Offer a free treat for auditionees - it'll make them forget all about the $1 they paid to partake in auditions. And if anyone asks why you charge a fee, blame us! We'll be glad to process complaints on your behalf.

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